Chandler Limited LTA-1
Chandler Limited TG-2
Prism MMA-4
Universal Audio 2-610
Focusrite Red7
Trident S20 Dual Mic


KRK 6000 series
Quested F11
Unity Audio 'The Rock'
Focal CMS 50
B&W P4
Dynaudio BX50 sub
Teledyne AR18
JBL Control1
Acoustic Energy AR18


Manley Vari-Mu stereo valve compressor
2x Teletronics LA-2A
2x Universal Audio 1167 Blackface
Al Smart C3 stereo compressor
Summit Audio Tube Leveler
CLM Audio DB 500s Expounder
Maselec MPL High frequency Limiter
Drawmer DS501 Powergate
MAnley VoxBox


2x Neumann U87
3x Sennheiser 421
2x Shure SM7
1x Soundelux U95
1x Soundelux Elux251
1x Brauner VM1
1x Beyerdynamic M160(c)
1x Shure sm57 UnidyneIII model
2x Apex 460 valve condensor mics
1x 1956 Shure 55 Elvis mic
1x AKG C451(B)
1x DPA 3541


Manley Massive Passive Stereo Valve EQ
Maselec MEA-2 Stereo Mastering EQ


Lexicon 480L
TC Electronic Fireworx


Fender Tweed Bassman reissue
Fender ProTube Series Twin
Peavey 5150 Blockletter Head and Cab
Krank Revolution1
Marshall S80 8240 StereoChorus
Vox AC30 (UK Made)
Marshall Bluesbreaker
Marshall 25/50 Jubilee Series


Fender 52' Telecaster Blackguard Reissue
Fender US 40th Anniversary Strat
Fender US Jazz Bass
Fender US Vintage Precision Bass
Gibson Pete Towshend Signature SG
Gibson 1990 Vintage Tobaccoburst Explorer
Gibson 2002 Tobaccoburst Firebird Gibson 335 2002
Gretsch FenderJet
PRS McCarty model
Harmony Sovereign
Martin D-35 1966
Martin D-35 1983
Taylor 814-CE-L7
Taylor 710 CE
Larrivée Parlour Guitar
Yamaha FG180
1956 Francisco Dominguez Classical


Yamaha CP-33 Fully Weighted Electric Piano
Protools HD6 Version 9 on Mac Pro 2x2.93 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon with 24 GB DDR3 Ram.
16 Inputs and 24 outputs of Prism ADA-8XR AD/DA conversion.
16 Outputs Digidesign 192
Apogee PSX-100 Stereo A/D and Master clock source.
Several plug-in suites: Native Instruments, Waves, Universal Audio UAD-2, Spectrasonics, Celemony Melodyne and SoundToys